Photo gallery of 19 beautiful teen girls room ideas with bedroom sets and furniture designs

Bedrooms for girls can have varying styles of decor. While white and pink are common colors for a girl’s room, other color schemes work well too. Not only that, modern design has encouraged bright and contrasting colors to add more appeal. Below is an image gallery of interesting teenage girls room styles to draw design inspiration from.

If you are looking for teen girls bedroom ideas, this elegant room full of soft pink and beige colors is an excellent option. There is a desk and lamp for homework.  A two seat sofa, bean bag, and foot stool provides plenty of seating for when friends are visiting. The circular woven rug adds a nice contrast in textures.

room for your little girl

A perfect room for your little girl, with wallpaper that provides the colors for the room’s pieces. What makes it special is that the colors used for the furniture are just a shade different than the other colors on the wall.

magnificent large room for girls

Here’s one of many bedroom ideas for teenage girls that features a magnificent large room. The bench by the windows provides a nice place to gaze outside the many windows. Lots of floor space is great for slumber parties. This would be a teenage girl’s dream room.

When thinking about little girls room ideas, pink isn’t just for the walls. A pink ‘A’ frame ceiling with contrasting green walls makes a cozy attic room for girls. The brown color from the wooden cabinet and chair pairs well with the green walls.

girls room with chandelier

If you are looking for little girls bedroom ideas, one that will last your Princess for many years, this is it. With the chandelier, lace, and shag rug, it could be a room in a royal castle.

room idea for two sisters

This bright sunny room is perfect for two sisters. The custom desk following the shape of the window gives each girl her own writing space. The soft green and lacy draped curtains provide a relaxing and soothing environment.

girl room with wallpaper

Girls rooms do not have to be especially elaborate. When looking for girls room decorating ideas, simple stenciling and wall paper borders are all that is needed to give it that special touch. The animations on the wall provides a happy setting for kids.

girls room idea with varying shades of pink

Stark simplicity defines this room. Bright white accented with varying shades of pink is what makes this room distinctive. Plenty of floor space is left for toys and games.

Room ideas for girls can include blue as shown in this picture. The low bed against the attractively paneled wall provides not only a place to sleep but also a place to sit and read. With loads of pillows and the shaggy carpet, this room says warm and cozy.

girl room idea with white and pink contrast

This is a room of contrasts. While it is mostly white with some small pink accents, the extra full pulled back draperies contrast with the smooth and bare wood floor. Small intricate patterns on the bed and dresser adds intrigue as well.

girls room with large with a full sized bed

Here is one of the most tasteful bedroom ideas for girls. It is large with a full sized bed and a comfortable plush two seat sofa. Avoiding the little girl pink, the room is still very feminine with two tone mauve walls and plush beige carpeting. Recessed lights adds more elegance to the room.

beautiful small girl room

Fabric adds softness to this small room but in a way that is not overwhelming. The small shag rug, the narrow window curtains, the pulled-into-the-corner drape at the desk, and the net hallow around the lamp all add its own point of interest without overpowering the room’s design.

Lots of cushions on a bed beckon your little girl not only to sleep, but also as a place to relax, read, or a provide a private space to talk to friends. Accents of bright pinks and blues offset against the white walls and accessories.

Grays and purples have been a long time popular combination. In this case the grays are soft and the mauves are eye catching. The use of a patterned throw rug in the middle of the room and the vertical stripes on the long wall help to shorten the appearance of the long narrow room.

girl room idea with blue color

Girls rooms do not need to be pink and frilly as demonstrated by this room. While bright blue walls are certainly not typical for a girl’s room, the soft multiple colors of the fabrics and other pieces plus the pink chair definitely say this is a girl’s room.

girls room with bold color

Bold colors and bright lighting define this room. A mix of colors, such as the hot pink, neon green and red, can be made to work together with the unifying effect of the brown wall color matching the floor.

teenage girl room idea

The clean modern lines of this lavender colored bedroom is perfect for the modern teenage girl. The cool colors of the room contrast with the warm bright daylight coming through the open window.

girls room idea with bright pink

The soft green walls and accent pieces make this room very relaxing and inviting. There is plenty of drawer storage space and the bright pink coverlet definitely states that this room belongs to a little girl.

Hearts and flowers plus the lower to floor bed says this room is ready for the toddler ready to move into her own big girl room. The large armoire is big enough to hold lots of toys along with clothing for your little girl.

That’s it from our side with the teen girls bedroom ideas and designs. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.