When it comes to home design, nothing stands out more than having a beautiful staircase as your home’s centerpiece. Of course, it’s really the staircase railing that dictates the overall style of the stairs.  In fact, there are many different designs, colors, and materials to choose from.  The choice to go with the traditional or modern route all depends on your current home decor. For those with newer homes and want to check out the latest designs, here is a picture gallery of 21 beautiful modern stair railing ideas.

modern staircase railing

This modern stair railing highlights unconventional lines to show off a trendy chic style. The matte black of the balustrade extends from the floor to the ceiling. This separation creates the illusion of a bigger space while being a showstopping centerpiece. The rails certainly pairs well with the black door with translucent glass

contemporary stairway railing

This contemporary stair railing consists of pine wood, clear thin glass, and a marble base. It is modern and a trendsetting piece. At the while, it still brings that understated natural tone. The marble along the banister base seems to flow downward, adding balance to the room.

This wire stair railing over dark mahogany wood steps is a terrific example of traditional meets modern. The unconventional lines provided by the wire draws the eye and stands out as truly unique while still providing support. The textured stone wall adds a touch of rustic charm that is contrasted with the overall modern design.

modern stairway rails

In the picture above, the modern staircase railing is the focal point of the staircase. The dark glass and chrome are complementary pieces that lends a defining tone to this living room. The darkness of the rails here offset the white of the room perfectly, creating a nice equilibrium.

rod pipe stairway railings

This is not a stairway that one sees every day. The stairway railings designs, such as this metallic, eye-catching stairwell looks very industrial. In this instance, its plays off of the concrete floors to add an artistic flair to the room. The regal setting is professional and crisp. The gold descending overlays striking against the dark metal of the steps is a nice touch.

brass stairway railing

This brass stair rail is luxurious and upscale. A modern look like this is versatile enough to look like a classic as well. In addition, the overall staircase matches well with the peach yellow walls. It offsets the rich red and blue stairwell carpet perfectly. The rail brings a high level of quality to this home.

wrought iron stair railing

These modern wrought iron stair railings combined with the warmth of pine wood and bamboo, give a harmonious and zen like feel to this stairwell. The openness provided by the iron of the rails adds structure and allows this room to flow.

metal indoor stair rails

Curves are plentiful with these indoor stair rails. The oak and cream banisters fits well with the pine steps. It helps to bring the outdoors inside. This is a perfect touch to the bright sun room. It merges natural and man made creations seamlessly.

dark brown and chrome modern stair rails

With these modern stair rails, stainless steel and mahogany wood are a balanced pairing. This rail would look great anywhere from an office to a home. The dark color wood and bright chrome are professional and a timeless combination.

white handrail for stairs

In this photo, the white handrail for stairs are artistically crisp with clean lines. It adds subtle panache without standing out and detracting from the room itself. These handrails are unconventional and unique, while still being muted enough to not overwhelm the staircase design.

wrought iron stair rails

Wrought iron stair rails come in many designs. This one has a black curvy design that matches the curves of the stairs and surrounding furniture. The starburst swirl of the banister gives texture to the brown tones of the room. It blends harmoniously without fading into the background.

simple black custom stair rails

These black custom stair rails are simple but sophisticated. The metal is sleek and thin. It adds structure and support without being overly pretentious. The black iron over pine is simple just like the concrete wall on the side. This is a minimalist design that works together with its elements.

steel and glass stair cable railing

This stair cable railing resides over clear green glass steps. It has a cool aura that unifies the plants and openness of the area around. This staircase is professional enough to be used in a business setting.

wood and metal modern stair railings

Modern stair railings are often thin, not overbearing, and unconventional. There are no traditional, symmetrical lines here. This wood and wire modern banister is a perfect accompaniment for the white on white staircase and slate wall.

aluminum handrail for stairs

Here we have a metal on metal silver staircase. This aluminum handrail for stairs is lightweight, blue collar, heavy duty, and makes a statement in any setting.  The wire banister turns the common stairwell into a bold centerpiece that dominates the room.

white contemporary stair railings

Contemporary stair railings can be classy and have a traditional and timeless appearance. The white banister is quite different from the every day ones. Enough to be called modern while being reserved enough in a white and gray backdrop to maintain a vintage look.

stainless steel stair railings

These stainless steel stair railings are light but sturdy. The angular shape matches the squareness of the room. Everything is in light colors to brighten up the space. There is no need to sacrifice structure for class. The railings can fit flawlessly into either.

wrought iron railings for stairs

Wrought iron railings for stairs can be as special as the setting they are in. These railings are thick, glossy, and all black in color. It has a unique abstract pattern. This sets up nicely as a contrast against the white wall in the background with the same pattern. They are eye catching and stylish.

wood and black iron stair railing

A wood and black iron stair railing have a timeless look. It stands the test of time without being rigid or overbearing. The warmth of the stained oak softens the dark black metal. This staircase would be right at home in any setting – office or residential.