The beauty of having a creative and innovative mind is that it is always on the hunt to gather new ideas, which it subsequently implements, and brings out a masterpiece that was previously unknown, and undiscovered by many.

You might want to call this new creation of yours, your “brainchild”, because it was exclusively you, who came up with such a brilliant idea, that gave rise to your creation.

Same is the case with interior designing – the more you explore about this particular field, the more inspirations you would keep on finding, and the more you would want to bring a change, to end up creating a unique, but attractive change in your cozy little world.

But simultaneously, in today’s world, we have to keep up to date with the technology too, and it’s needless to say, that technology does not exist outside the homes only – it very much exists inside the homes too, and within us as well.

This is a fortunate case, for technology so far has only been helping us make our lives easier and better, along with adding its signature touch of modernism, and innovation in our lives. 

If we talk about combining interior designing and technology, we often see brilliant inventions that have been decorating our homes from so long.

Apart from serving their main purpose, it always looks good to have our homes adoring a unique and aesthetic looking product.

Just recently, we saw the trending LED lights that became an instant hit in the world today. Everyone started decorating their bedrooms, their living rooms, and different corners of their rooms with these differently shaped LED lights, which were popularly known by their name of “Fairy Lights”.  Regardless of their prices, these lights became a favorite of every aesthetic loving person, and most commonly, among children.

Then after some time, we began seeing touch lights and touch lamps being introduced into the market. Since they were equipped with an even more recent, and new form of technology, that is, being sensitive to touch, or any other type of stimulus, that they immediately made people wonder, “How do touch lights work?” and from then onwards we began seeing an entirely new range of touch lights, touch lamps, similar devices, appliances, and whatnot.

So, just this one simple question, that made people think about how touch lamps work brought yet another wave of innovation packed under technology that introduced us to these touch sensitive, yet amazing touch lights, and touch lamps.

And here, we shall discuss a similar variant of such touch sensitive appliances, that are being widely used for decorative, as well as for their respective purpose in most of our homes these days.

These lights are called the “Helios touch lights”, and they are our modern-day room lights that are now being widely used to decorate our homes and offices.

Belonging to the same category of lamp that lights up when the other person touches it, these lights are a very unique, and smart option for decorating your rooms, and also, making use of lightening up your room, with their light.

We have compiled all the relevant, and important facts and knowledge that one needs to have about the Helios touch lights, so that people who want to buy them, or are interested to know more about them, can simply go through this guide, and get educated on whatever they need to know.

We have made this guide in an FAQ style, so that it is easier for you to just find the relevant information that you are looking for.

We have tried our best to solve all of your queries and answer as many relevant questions as possible in this extensive guide, and so let us move on to it, without any further delays! 

1- What are the Helios touch lights?

Named after the Greek god of the Sun, Helios, the Helios touch lights are touch sensitive, modular lights. These lights are meant to be attached to the walls of the rooms. They are hexagonal and are magnetic, which makes them attach themselves on the wall, and to one another as well. They attach like projected tiles on a wall.

2- What is the purpose of Helios touch lights?

These modulating hexagonal shaped touch lights are mainly used for decorating purposes, but the Helios touch lights can also be used as a source of light in the room that they are placed in.

3- How does modular touch wall lighting stick?

I know, I know. This has to be one of the most frequently asked, or the question that has gotten everyone so curious about these Helios lights in the first place. These modular touch wall lighting hexagonal tiles stick through rubber pads, or stick-on stickers, that are present on the backside of each of these hexagonal lights. You simply need to stick these lights on using those rubber pads, or stick on stickers.
Also, these touch lights have been given a hole at the backside, which serves the purpose of being hanged to a nail, drilled onto the wall.
I would recommend you to first arrange these lights as per your desired setting, and then, use both, the stick on method, and the nails to attach them to your wall, as this way, they would remain in one place, and would not get disturbed, on being probed and prodded.

4- Are these touch lights available in other shapes?

Unfortunately, Helios touch lights are widely available in their characteristic hexagonal shape only. If you want any other shape though, then you would not find modulating lights, and also the ones serving the same purpose as these Helios touch lights. So, for now, we will just have to suffice with the hexagonal shapes.

5- What shades of light are the Helios touch lights available in?

The Helios touch lights are widely found in two shades – Cool White and Warm White. The “Cool White” shade is radiant and bright, and would best suit in large sized, big rooms, or in corporate settings, like kitchens, offices, auditoriums, etc.

Whereas the “Warm White” is more of a homey, comfortable shade that would best suit your bedrooms, and other rooms of your houses. It is meant to exude a warm radiance to your rooms. Irrespective of the type of setting they look best in, you are free to choose whatever shade of color you think is your calling, and go for it!

6- How do these Helios touch lights work?

The Helios touch lights are based on the electromagnetism principle. They have been equipped with a strong magnet, which is present on their edges. It is through these edges that they can stick to one another. Once they have formed a connection with each other, electromagnetic power flows from the metal pins present on the edges of each hexagonal module, and as soon as their proximity sensors detect a conductive material, or a stimulus from your body, they immediately light up!
So, these magnetic forces also cause electricity to flow through them, and as a result, we see these touch lights lighting up, once the circuit has been completely joined. 
Also, it is mainly the stimulus, or the motion sensing feature of these lights that cause them to glow up on the lightest of all touches.

7- Can the Helios touch lights be dragged around, or do they stick to just one place only?

Yes, you can very much drag and draw these Helios touch lights as per your preference. You can join them, create different shapes out of them, shape them according to your initials, or just drag around until you have your desired shape formed. You are free to use them as your canvas, and let your creativity run freely with them.

8- How much power do Helios touch lights consume?

Decorating your house is one thing, but keeping an eye on your budget is also important because you don’t want to sit in a beautifully decorated house without any cash left.
But, you’d be glad to know, helios lights are not hard on your budget.
One “hexagonal module” (that is, one piece) of the Helios touch lights consumes about 0.7 watt of electricity. Whereas, each module produces about 80 lumens of light. 
So, if you have an arrangement set up of 12 Helios touch lights in your room, then they are consuming [12 x 0.7] 8.4 watts of electric energy. This isn’t much, and is perfect, provided they are LED powered lights.

9- How long will Helios touch lights last?

The durability of anything depends greatly on its usage. So, as a general rule: The more you will use them, the quicker it would be for them to wear out.
But, to give you an estimate, helios lights are expected to have a lifetime of about 7-8 months. But, since it varies from user to user, maybe you are using it a lot, and the others don’t, so obviously you would be the one to run out of them faster.

10- Are Helios touch lights waterproof?

Unfortunately, no. The Helios touch lights are not waterproof at all. And that is why, they are recommended to be used as decorative lights in your rooms only, away from all the moisture, wetness, and humidity.
The above three factors might cause them to lose all their working power, and might also interfere with their magnetic forces, and that is something nobody certainly wants!

11- Can I use Helios touch lights in my kitchen?

Well, yes, you may use them in your kitchens, but it mostly depends on your expertise, and creative sense of mind now. 
If you have a kitchen which receives ample amount of sunlight, or has ample sources of lights to light it up, is big enough to play around with different things, then you can certainly work on the creativity and aesthetics of your kitchen, and find a way to place them in your kitchen too. But, on the other hand, what guarantee do you have, that you can always protect them from all the humidity, moisture and wetness, that is a characteristic part of all kitchens?  
So, if you can work out a way to balance the both of these factors, that is, saving them from all the wetness and humidity, while on the other hand, using your aesthetic sense of design to give these touch lights a rightful place, then yes, the answer is yes to this question!

12- Can I stick these modular lights in the kitchen ceiling?

Although we would strongly recommend you not to, also you should prefer not to, but still, if you are interested in installing these touch lights on your kitchen ceiling, or any other room’s ceiling as a matter of fact, we strictly advise you to use a strong, sturdy and tough means of attaching them with the ceiling wall. This is required because there is always a risk of them detaching from their place, once the stick-on pad gets old, and they might drop on to somebody’s head, and that is something unpleasant that everybody should avoid.

13- Any ideas on what can you do with a Helios Touch modular lighting system?

As we mentioned earlier, that the way that you prefer, and want to use the Helios touch lights depends entirely on your creativity, and aesthetic sense of designing. 
But if you are on the lookout for any unique kind of ideas to adorn your rooms with this modular lighting system in different ways, then here we have compiled some creative ideas for you to choose from: 

– These touch lights could be a nice addition to your bathroom, and would help it give a nice, calming feeling, that would help relax your senses after a tiring day.

– You can add them as an extra decoration item to your living room. When your friends are over, you would have a good time, watching movies, under the modulating touch lights. Or even generally too, with guests over at your place, you

– They could be a very great addition to your bedrooms. Arrange them in your initials, or any other symbol, or shape that means a lot to you. It would add more meaning, and give a more personal and intimate touch to your bedroom.

– The Helios touch lights could be an extra yet entertaining, decorating item in your children’s bedrooms, or their play rooms. This way, you would not only be introducing them to simulative technology at a young age, but would also be engaging them in a new kind of activity, where your kids could play, drag and rearrange the lights as they want to. There would be no hazards or dangers involved, as they are safe to be played along with.

– If your kitchen is located in that corner of the house which does not receive that much light, or if you have a very grand and luxurious kitchen, then these Helios touch lights could in fact, be a nice and welcoming change in your kitchen. Plan accordingly, and place them on that wall of the kitchen which is the first to be noticed when someone walks in, so that they play their role, and serve as a welcoming light.

Whatever you decide, and whichever setting you want to go with it, these modulating touch lights will add up to the beauty and comfortable environment of your homes, and serve to make your house appear even better than before.

14- How many Helios touch lights would I be needing for my room, or my kitchen, or my office?

Now again, this is a subjective question and its answer varies depending upon your personality, spaciousness and design of your room, your budget, etc. The manufacturers, however, sell these Helios touch lights in packs of 5, 10, 20, and even more. So, you may ultimately select a package of your liking, or the one with the quantity that you need, and decorate them as per needed.

15- Why should I buy these Helios touch lights?

You should buy these Helios touch lights if:

– You are looking for a cheap, affordable decorative item for your house,
– You are looking for a low electricity consuming product (this product uses almost none!),
– You want to give your home an artistic and creative look,
– You want a smart, tech savvy product installed in your home,
– You love a room setting with low lighting, or dim lights overall,
– You are creative, and want to give a personalized aesthetic look to your room,
– You want to give a quick makeover to your room, or house,
– You just want a change, or innovation in your home!

Where to buy Helios touch lights?

Okay, so now finally that you have gotten convinced enough to start considering to buy them, we shall now tell you about all the trusted and reliable sources where the Helios touch lights are easily available, and could be ordered online easily, at the best affordable prices! 

Amazon! (a most trusted place, with the most authentic reviews!) 

Are there any Helios touch light reviews that could be of benefit to me, and help me finalize my decision of buying them?

For this part of the FAQ, we decided to answer you, both from personal experience, and through an extensive online research on it.

If we speak about personal experience, then yes! The Helios touch lights can be a great addition to your homes. They are unique, they are aesthetically pleasing, they are low electricity consuming, which makes them a low budget investment too. 

They could be a nice addition to your homes, and will help in adding a new glow to your homes.

Now, talking about experience through extensive research. We found many reviews online, and fortunately, majority, or almost all of them, were positive reviews, from satisfied customers. 

The very few negative reviews that we were able to find were mostly from those customers who had some sort of technical faults, or delivery issues with their dealers, but other than that, there were mostly positive, encouraging reviews to be found.  

The customers were highly satisfied with the quality of products they received. They found them to be an interactive, easy to use, and fun product, and something that became their kids’ favorite almost instantaneously. They are light on the pocket, as well as a relief on the electricity bill, so hopefully, you wouldn’t have to regret over making this purchase. 

Moreover, they are a must-have for all the creative, art loving people, for it would not only help them give their rooms a personalized and signature artistic look, but would also help them in finding inspiration.

These touch lights are not only meant to be used in homes, but can be used corporately as well. You can decorate your offices, your workshop rooms, your seminar halls, with these lights, and if anything, they would greatly help you in making an amazing first impression.

Not only are they perfect for decorating your rooms, but also the LED lights used in them are being increasingly used all over the world, because they help conserve electricity, and are a perfect match for a low, dimly lit setting that oozes comfort and satisfaction.

Coming to the end, we recommend that if you are looking for bringing a change to the boring, monotonous look of your house, then you should consider buying these Helios touch lights. Only their mere presence would greatly help in giving your same, old room a quick makeover, and would instantly uplift your spirit and mood, and help you relax once you light them up.