Having pets at home, and simultaneously wishing to get a clean, fur-free environment within your house might seem to be a wish that is next to impossible to achieve. With pet cats or dogs roaming freely around the house, or even birds hung up in a cage somewhere in the house, it is very likely that the house would get littered with pet hair, fur, feathers, and even dander, now and then.

Taking care of these messes, and cleaning them up in a breeze is indeed a difficult task, and if left to stay there for a long time, then this very stock of furs and feathers can join in hands to give rise to all kinds of allergies and asthmatic conditions, life-long medical conditions that all pet owners would surely not want their family members to contract from their beloved pets.

Vacuum cleaners are usually a hassle-free, and easy, on-the-go way of cleaning up all the furs, feathers, and pet litter without coming in direct contact with any of it. And thanks to the innovative technology, we now have vacuum cleaners that are especially and specifically designed to take care of all pet-related problems, that is, their excessive hair and feathers!

There are so many appealing options out there in the markets, that it often becomes difficult for one to select a single best vacuum for cleaning pet stains out of the wide variety available.

Since a lot of money already gets invested in buying food, accessories, and medicines for pets, therefore, we decided to design a thoughtful, pocket-friendly, yet handy guide that would enlist the best collection of vacuum cleaners for all the pet lovers.

Now, pet-hoarders would neither have to worry about their house being littered over by these unfriendly leftovers by their pets nor would they need to fret over exacerbating their or their family members’ allergies. This collection of the best vacuum cleaners designed for pet lovers is here to save the day.

This guide contains all the intricate details that a potential customer needs to be aware of while investing in buying a great quality vacuum cleaner that is exclusively designed for clearing away the pets’ hair. All of these vacuum cleaners are equipped with the latest technology features that would help in eliminating the maximum number of pet messes, thus reducing sources of allergies, along with dirt and dust from your homes.

All the products included in this guide are super-economical and easily-affordable options and can be easily adjusted within everyone’s budget. These vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly the best ones in their category and are sure to make your purchase a worthwhile and cost-effective one in the long term.

The vacuum cleaners enlisted below are in no particular order. However, some things that are common among all of them are that; they all are priced under $150! And honestly, this is nothing compared to the brilliant features that they have to offer, and secondly, they are all perfect when it comes to solving your problems – this time the problem is related to your pets’ hair and fur!

So, without any further delay, we shall now let you review and select the best vacuum for cleaning pet stains and fur!

Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless, and Powerful Lightweight 2 in 1 Vacuum with Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery – HIKEREN

Styled in a modern, robotic design, fast in performance, and convenient to use, the overall appearance of the Hikeren 2 in 1 stick vacuum cleaner looks promising enough to deliver the best results only.

Product Weight:

It weighs around 3 pounds.

Available Colors:

It is available in a single black color, combined with a hint of blue to it.

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: Although this stylish vacuum cleaner might appear to be small, we suggest you not to go on its size. It has machinery that is powerful about double the size of it, and it has been overall designed to give a superb, superior-quality performance.

The Hikeren cordless stick vacuum cleaner is an ideal option to be used in homes, offices, and even cars, thanks to its fitting compact size!

It can be stored with ease anywhere around the house. It does not occupy a lot of space and can be made to rest against a wall, and its handle could be folded as well, making it easy for it to be tucked under the furniture for storage purposes as well.

Packaging: The Hikeren vacuum cleaner comes in a complete package. This package includes a Stick Vacuum Cleaner, a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (both of which are interconvertible), a Crevice Nozzle, a Manual Base, a Charger, and a Cleaning Brush. Batteries are included in the package too.

Multipurpose Cleaner: The cordless feature of this vacuum cleaner makes it easy to clean surfaces that are otherwise difficult to be cleaned. This is what makes it a “2 in 1” vacuum cleaner, it can be used as both, a “stick vacuum cleaner” for the floor, and a “portable vacuum cleaner” for cleaning ceilings and walls across the homes with ease.

Quality of Performance: Talking about the pet hair issue, in particular, the Hikeren vacuum cleaner can be swiveled up to 180-degrees sideways, and 90-degrees up and down, which makes it possible to reach the far-away areas, and would let you clear every surface completely from pet hair and fur. Its strong suction mechanism is what makes it the best vacuum for pet owners.

And not only pet hair and feathers, but it also makes sure that all the litter, food crumbs, and all dust and dirt gets easily swooshed up into it.

The LED dust searchlight placed on the top of the nozzle would allow the vacuum cleaner to search and track down the fur and hair in dark places too. In the end, not a single speck of dirt or lint would be left unattended.

It is battery operated and takes an average charging time of about 4 hours, after which it works exceptionally well for up to 30-40 minutes.

Steerability: The vacuum cleaner is light in weight, this is what makes it easy to be steered around, and thus, it could be easily maneuvered over different surfaces, and under the furniture too.

Filtration System: The Hikeren vacuum cleaner is equipped with a “Cyclonic Filtration System”, which is a HEPA double filter made up of stainless steel, and is water-proof, which shall ensure that the overall quality and entire machinery of the vacuum cleaner stays the same as brand new and helps in increasing the lifetime of the vacuum cleaner.

Best Suited For: The vacuum cleaner is best suited to be used over the marbled floors, tiled flooring, hardwood floor, upholstery, and over some carpeted areas too. It has been made to work for both wet and dry cleaning.


  • An affordable and economic option,
  • Lightweight, and easy to use,
  • 2-in-1 convertible vacuum cleaner, ideal for both floor and walls/upholstery cleaning,
  • Can be used for cleaning the car seats too,
  • Best vacuum for cleaning excessive pet hair and fur,
  • Strong filters, and suction power, leaves no dust or litter behind. 


  • Not suitable for use in big homes, as it is small in size, 
  • The handheld unit is small, and would not allow you to reach extreme heights,
  • It is ideal for floors, but performance is significantly decreased on carpeted surfaces. 

Cordless Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, with Upgraded Brushless Motor – APOSEN

Simple in appearance, yet extremely powerful and unmatched when it comes to delivering excellent results, this stick vacuum cleaner by APOSEN is here to make your life easier!

Product Weight:

This vacuum cleaner weighs around 5 pounds.

Available Colors:

It is available in a single shade of blue, which has touches of black on it.

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: This ideal vacuum cleaner from APOSEN is equipped with all the modern-day technologies that would help in making cleaning around your house very easy. It is portable and light in weight, and the fact that it makes the least amount of noise is just what makes it an ideal requirement for your homes.

It saves time and energy too, as it is a fast-charging product, and delivers great performance once when it is fully charged.

It comes with a wall-mount, which makes it easier to store by just placing it against the wall.

Packaging: It comes in complete packaging, and includes about 5 different types of brushes that are to be used according to the different surface types.

The package includes a Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, an LED Turbo Electric Brush, a Slot Nozzle, a Round Brush, an Electric Sofa Brush, Hair Cleaning Tools, an Aluminium Alloy Tube, an Extension Hose, a Power Adapter, a Wall Mount, and a User Manual. The batteries are included in the package as well.

Multipurpose Cleaner: This cordless vacuum cleaner is a 5-in-1 vacuum cleaner. The different types of brushes included in the package make cleaning easier, and make sure that every surface of the house is clean from every kind of dust, pet hair, and mess when you are done using it.

Quality of Performance: The overall build of this vacuum cleaner will ensure that you have made the right choice for buying it. It is equipped with a “Motorized LED Floor Head”, which is faster and better than the ordinary vacuum cleaners. It is an excellent cleaning device, as its modern technology ensures that it would clear up to 99.99% of all the visible, and invisible dust and litter from your rooms, walls, windows, etc. This makes it an ideal choice for people with pets at their homes. This very technology will make sure that all your pet hair and furs have been taken care of. The LED lights would guide the vacuum through dark places, and in those places where it is hard to reach manually.  

Steerability: This vacuum cleaner has an ergonomic handle, and its lightweight makes it easy for it to be maneuvered around with no difficulties. It provides the comfort of use to its owner, so you do not have to exert excessive pressure while maneuvering it, thus saving yourself from backaches.

Filtration System: The APOSEN vacuum cleaner has very superior quality and highly efficient filtration system in it. It has a 4-stage filtration system, which includes – the HEPA Filtration, the Sponge Filtration (both of them are washable), the Stainless Steel Mesh Filter, and the Cyclone Technology. With so many powerful filtration systems packed in a single vacuum cleaner, it is not hard to guess how superior its accuracy to pick up dust and cleaning the house would be.

Best Suited For: It is suitable to be used over hardwood floors, concrete floors, tiled floors, and carpets too. It can be even used in cars too.


  • A powerful and strong vacuum cleaner with a 5-in-1 ways cleaning facility,
  • It is noiseless, which makes it an ideal choice for people who have children, old aged people, or pets at their homes,
  • Equipped with 4 powerful filters, which make it a highly efficient vacuum cleaner,
  • Performs a deeper cleaning job than the ordinary vacuums, making it one of the best vacuums for animal fur cleaning. 


  • Replacing the HEPA filter after every 2-3 months could be expensive in the long run, 
  • Using it over carpeted surfaces could be a tricky job.

Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – BISSELL

Designed specifically keeping the needs and requirements of pet hoarders in mind, this robotically styled vacuum cleaner is indeed a great option for people who are looking for the best vacuum for cleaning pet stains in particular.

Product Weight:

This vacuum cleaner weighs around 18 pounds.

Available Colors:

It is available in a pleasant shade of green, which would be an aesthetic addition to your homes.

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: The BISSELL vacuum cleaner has been made as a lightweight, yet powerfully performing vacuum cleaner. It is smaller in size, which makes it easy to be stored around anywhere in the house, without occupying a lot of space.

Packaging: This vacuum cleaner comes in different variants. The “Cleanview” variant was designed specifically keeping pets’ in mind. It comes along with specialized brushes, or “tools” that help the vacuum cleaner track down hidden animal hair within the house surfaces. It comes in a package containing the Pet Hair Corner Tool, and Pet Tool. Also, it is a bagless vacuum cleaner. The replaceable filters need to be bought separately.

Multipurpose Cleaner: This vacuum cleaner is equipped with amazing technology, and that is the “Triple Action Brush Roll”. This brush roll enables the vacuum cleaner to perform its job in 3 steps: ‘Lift’, ‘Loosen’, and then finally ‘Remove’ the embedded dirt and pet hair from the carpets, and other surfaces. This feature shows how dedicatedly it performs its job of ridding the house free from all pet hair, thus making it the best vacuum for long pet hair-related issues.

Quality of Performance: This vacuum performs exceptionally well, due to the many modern technologies embedded in its system. It has a “Scatter-Free Technology”, which allows it to sweep all the dust away from the hardwood and tiled floors without scattering it around.

The vacuum cleaner also comes in with a Stretch Hose, which will allow you to perform cleaning on the walls and the far-fetched areas with great ease. There would be no need for you to stretch around endlessly for reaching the distant areas, the Stretch Hose will do the job on its own. 

Steerability: The lightweight and portable size of the vacuum cleaner make it a perfect choice for being easily steered and maneuvered around. It can be easily used to clean the stairs and can be moved around the different floors of the house with ease. It enables its users to perform an “Edge-to-Edge” cleaning action, which means that no pet hair would be able to escape its brush roll, as each end would diligently work to track down pet hair, and consequently suction it inside. It has a swiveling steering system, which makes moving the vacuum cleaner around furniture and other obstacles an easy task.

Filtration System: It has a multiple-level filtration system, which adds to its exceptional performance. Consequently, the BISSELL vacuum cleaner has a “Cyclonic Suction System”, due to which it is so precisely able to suck in all types of dust and litter inside of it. The filters are both replaceable and washable. 

Best Suited For: It is a perfect vacuum cleaner to be used on all types of surfaces, ranging from carpeted floors to upholstery, to walls.


  • A lightweight, and portable vacuum cleaner,
  • Triple Action Brush Roller, along with accessories that make cleaning easier and better than before. 
  • Excellent for tracking down pet hair, feathers, or fur, 


  • Performance-wise, it is an awesome invention, but cleaning the pet hair from the dirtbag could be the tricky part, especially for inexperienced people,
  • The filter belts wear out too soon and aren’t up to the mark this way. 

Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner – SHARK

Stylish, modern, and innovatively-designed, this compact vacuum cleaner is here to take all your worries away. Now you don’t need to worry about your pets dirtying your homes anymore. Not only would this vacuum cleaner sweep away all the dirt and food crumbs away from your house, but would also make sure that no stray pet hairs get left behind.

Product Weight:

This portable vacuum cleaner weighs around 8.6 pounds.

Available Colors: 

It is available in a shiny shade of Bordeaux.

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: This upright, corded vacuum cleaner from SHARK is an excellent, portable vacuum cleaner whose easy gripping handle and compactness make it a perfect choice for becoming your next new vacuum cleaner.

Packaging: The vacuum cleaner comes in a complete package, including all the necessary components required to make your cleaning experience a worthwhile one. The package includes; A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, a Motorized Floor Nozzle, a Wand, a Duster, a Crevice Tool, and a Pet Multi-Tool. The batteries, however, are not included and need to be bought separately.

Multipurpose Cleaner: This vacuum cleaner is rightfully a multipurpose cleaner. It has functions for cleaning both, the floors and the ceilings. On these surfaces too, it can perform a variety of different types of cleaning services, owing to the brushes included in the package.

Quality of Performance: The SHARK vacuum cleaner is very portable because of many reasons. It can be easily converted from a floor-cleaning vacuum cleaner to a ceiling-cleaning vacuum cleaner. It is light in weight, which makes it easy to carry while cleaning the ceiling.

It consists of LED lights on its floor nozzle, which are a smart addition, and help the vacuum cleaner in tracking down dust particles with ease under the pieces of furniture, or in dark places.

It has two different types of brushes that come along with it. The Duster Crevice tool brush helps in reaching the far-fetched and out-of-reach areas, while also making cleaning several different surfaces an easy task. The other brush, the Pet Tool Brush is here for all the pet-loving people. This particular brush is what makes the Shark TruePet vacuum cleaner the best vacuum for excessive pet hair, as it easily plucks away all types of embedded pet hairs, furs, and feathers away from all the surfaces that it gets used on.

It also has an XL cup, which has 2 times the capacity of collecting dust and debris inside of it.

Steerability: This vacuum cleaner, owing to its compact size and portable handle, is super easy to maneuver and steer around. It is equipped with an Advanced Swivel Steering, which makes it easy to control and move around furniture.

Filtration System: It has a washable and replaceable filtration system. Just like its cleaning job, it can be perfectly cleaned off from all the dirt and dust away from itself by a simple wash. It needs to be air-dried after getting a wash.

Best Suited For: This vacuum cleaner is suitable for many surfaces. These surfaces include hardwood floors, tiled or marbled surfaces, carpeted areas, walls, ceilings, etc.


  • Small, portable and easy to carry around, 
  • Affordable and budget-friendly,
  • A great option for eliminating pet hair and reducing allergens,
  •  XL cup enables a large amount of dust to be collected in it.


  • If dust is not cleared after some time from the dust bag, then it may get stuck inside the bag and clog it,
  • It does not have an extremely powerful suction system,
  • Filters need to get replaced and washed off repeatedly.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pet Turbo, Bagless – EUREKA

Portable, modern, and an innovatively creative vacuum cleaner, this vacuum cleaner is also designed to keep the pet owners in mind. It looks promising enough to deliver the desired results.

Product Weight:

This lightweight vacuum cleaner weighs around 7 to 8 pounds.

Available Colors:

It is available in a cool, black shade.

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: Appearance-wise, the vacuum cleaner speaks for itself. It is light in weight, easy to carry around, and thus, it is an easy to use product that makes cleaning easier and better than ever before. It can be easily adjusted to up to 5 heights, which is a lot. Also, it has an easy installation setup, it comes in two pieces, and fixing both of them gets it readied for use.

Packaging: The EUREKA vacuum cleaner comes in as a complete package. The package includes a Crevice Tool, a Dusting Brush, an Upholstery Brush, a Quick Release Handle, and an Extended Hose. The different variety of brushes provided would make cleaning around the house a smooth task.

Quality of Performance: This vacuum cleaner is surely the best at doing its job. It has a variety of advantageous features, which the users are sure to love. It provides a deep cleaning service with the lowest maintenance.

It can be adjusted to up to 5 different types of heights, this feature enables the vacuum cleaner to be used on different surfaces with complete ease.

It is the best choice for pet owners too, as it has a Pet Turbo tool, which would make sure your floors and carpets are all free from animal hair. It is the best vacuum for animal fur, as its powerful suction quality enables it to suck all the pet allergens including hair and fur, away in a breeze.

The Quick Release Handle makes switching the vacuum cleaner from a floor vacuum to an off-floor vacuum cleaner real quick.

The Floor Nozzle has a wide path, which provides a greater surface area for the dust to be scooped inside of it.

Steerability: It is easy to carry around, and can be maneuvered easily around different furniture and surfaces of the house.

Filtration System: It has filters that require a minimal amount of maintenance. The filters are washable, and the vacuum cleaner is a bagless one. This makes it easy to be cleaned.

Best Suited For: The vacuum cleaner can easily identify the different types of surfaces that it is being exposed to. It can be easily used over tiled floors, hardwood floors, and walls, upholstery, car seats too.


  • Super quick and easy to assemble,
  • Easily interconvertible from floor-cleaning variant to off-floor cleaning variant,
  • Adjustable to different heights.
  • The collected dust is super easy to dispose of,


  • The extendable hose is quite short, and not ideal for approaching distant heights,
  • The suction power can sometimes prove to be destructive over the carpets, if not used with great care.

Steam Mop 19404, Powerfresh Pet – BISSELL

This is a brilliant creation from BISSELL. Not only is it pet-friendly and most probably the best vacuum for pet owners that helps to eliminate the litter made by them, but it also helps to sanitize the whole environment. What more could one possibly ask for? This is indeed an all-in-one, perfect vacuum cleaner that might be the need for time in your houses! The design is super-appealing, and aesthetic too.

Product Weight:

This ultra-lightweight steam mop vacuum cleaner weighs around 6.2 pounds.

Available Colors:

It is available in an aesthetically pleasing shade of purple.

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: The BISSELL steam mop is a lightweight, compact vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning and vacuuming super quick and easy. Owing to its user-friendly design and portability, it can be easily used by everyone. It does not occupy a lot of space in your homes and can be easily tucked away anywhere.

Packaging: The cost for this entire vacuum cleaner package is much less than what it has to offer you. It comes in a package that contains all the accessories that are required to deeply cleanse and sanitize your home atmosphere. The BISSELL steam mop package includes a Steam Mop Vacuum Cleaner, a Removable Water Tank, a Smart Steam Control, a Mop Head, a Removable Easy Scrubber, and a couple of optional accessories which include Microfiber Mop Soft and Scrubby Pads, and a pack of Replacement Fragrance Discs.

Multipurpose Cleaner: This vacuum cleaner is an ideal purchasing option for people who own pets because it not only takes care of cleaning off the pet hair and fur from your house, but the Steam Mop also has the option of eliminating all types of germs and sanitizing the entire environment. This is a feature that very vacuum cleaners are known to have, and for a price as nominal as this vacuum cleaner, this is indeed a worth-purchasing product. Being designed especially for pets, it assures you that it would take care of the mess and stains left behind by your pets.

Quality of Performance: The BISSELL steam mop vacuum cleaner is indeed a wonderful product. It has unmatched quality and performance. The PowerFresh Steam Mop can eliminate up to 99.99% of the germs and harmful disease-causing bacteria from the home environment. It has a “Smart Set” digital controlling system, which lets you control the steam power. The accessory “Scrubby” and “Soft” MicroFiber mop pads would enable you to achieve a shining, glossy finish on the floors. These mop pads help in cleaning and scouring the floors 2 times faster than other vacuum cleaners. The MicroFibre pads are also specialized in cleaning the dried-off spots and stains off the floors and other surfaces. And in case you often have tough spots – courtesy of children, or pets, the flip-down “Easy Scrubber” would help in removing those. It seems as if this vacuum cleaner was designed while specifically keeping everyone’s demands in mind. There is not a single problem that couldn’t be solved (or cleaned off in our case!) by this vacuum cleaner. And just when we thought everything was taken care of, this vacuum cleaner can also neutralize odors from your house. So, no need to worry about unpleasant smells and odors around the house. The “Odor Eliminating Discs” included in the package would easily take care of this problem.

Steerability: This vacuum cleaner is easy to steer around. It has a lightweight, which makes maneuvering it a hassle-free task. Also, if used with great care and according to the specified instructions, it can work without any problems for a long, long time.

Best Suited For: This Steam Mop Vacuum Cleaner is capable of cleaning across a wide range of surfaces, which include linoleum, hardwood, granite, ceramic, tiled, marbled, and carpeted surfaces.


  • Easy and quick to assemble,
  • Best vacuum for cleaning pet stains, no matter how tough or old they are,
  • Steam Mop provides sanitization of the floors and other surfaces, 
  • Helps in eliminating unpleasant odors, and spreading pleasant fragrances from around the house, 
  • Steam is under control of the user and helps in eliminating up to 99.99% of the germs.


  • The steam may cause the vacuum cleaner to heat up considerably if the vacuum cleaner is used without breaks for a long time, 
  • The water holder does not have enough capacity to hold a large quantity of water.

Cordless Vacuum, 18 KPa, Powerful 4-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner -MEIYOU

Designed simply and traditionally, this vacuum cleaner from MEIYOU is here to take care of all your cleaning needs. It is equipped with a powerful motor that would deliver excellent results.

Product Weight:

This compact vacuum cleaner weighs around 5 pounds.

Available Colors:

This vacuum cleaner is available in a single shade of black with shading of orange in it. 

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: This vacuum cleaner is a compact and easy to move vacuum cleaner. It has a small size and is ultra-lightweight. Both of these factors contribute to making it an ideal purchase for you. It is cordless, and would not turn out to be a nightmare, inviting your backache.

Packaging: The MEIYOU vacuum cleaner comes in a complete package, containing all the accessories that are needed to make it a perfect option. The MEIYOU vacuum cleaner package includes a Cordless Vacuum, an Extension Tube, a Floor Brush, a Stainless Filter, a 2-in-1 Brush Tool, a Crevice Nozzle, a Charger, and a Wall Mount.

Multipurpose Cleaner: This vacuum cleaner is not only a multipurpose cleaner, but it is a two-way chargeable vacuum cleaner too! For your ease, this vacuum cleaner can either be charged separately or after lodging the stick vacuum cleaner to the wall mount, as per your choice. It has the option of being converted to four adjustable modes, which you can use as per your need. You can either use it to perform a deep cleaning of the floor, or you can use it to clean the ceilings or walls, both ways it would do a great job. The different modes provided in this vacuum cleaner will take care of all the different types of cleaning needs that you have.

Quality of Performance: This vacuum cleaner, even though small, but is a very handy product. It is easy to carry around, and no matter what the surface is, it performs a brilliant job at sucking up all the dust and garbage from the floor. It is best used for pet hairs, and dust, both of which can never escape its fine quality brushes. It is indeed the best vacuum for long pet hair, as it can pluck those out, even if they are embedded in the carpets.

It has a powerful suction mechanism that locks in all the particles inside and does not let them escape until otherwise disposed of.

Furthermore, it is a noiseless vacuum cleaner. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping pets, kids, or other family members. This vacuum cleaner will ensure you an ultra-quiet and peaceful cleaning experience.

Steerability: The MEIYOU vacuum cleaner has a flexible joint, and a rotatable brush head, which makes it easy to steer around. These features also help in providing complete access to the areas under furniture, and also the areas that are out of reach. It has a swivel that can rotate up to 270-degrees and can be folded to reach places like under the beds, and other furniture areas, so that your house gets completely free from all dust.

Filtration System: The vacuum cleaner has a multiple 5-way filtration system. These filters can be conveniently detached from the vacuum cleaner and then can be easily washed. The filters are fully-sealed, and there is no leakage at any level. If they get too old, they are replaceable.

Best Suited For: This vacuum cleaner works best on hardwood flooring, vinyl, tiled and laminate surfaces.


  • It is cordless, and can be moved around easily, and have access to places that are otherwise hard to reach,
  • Makes the least amount of noise,
  • Has 4 different adjustable settings to achieve a dust-free home, 
  • Has a 5-way filtration system.


  • The charging does not stay put for a long time which is a downside,
  • Does not perform well on carpets.

Adapt XRT 14.4V Lithium Ion Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Pets – BISSELL

Designed in a standard way like the other variants from BISSELL, this vacuum cleaner is said to be the perfect cleaning tool for every kind of a mess. It has been equipped with only the best kind of machinery and tools that are sure to make things easier and simpler for you.

Product Weight:

This vacuum cleaner weighs around 8 pounds.

Available Colors:

It is available in green color.

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: This vacuum cleaner is a very compact option for your home. If you are being skeptical about running low on space in your home, then no need to worry at all. This vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-way folding handle, which means that this vacuum cleaner can be easily folded to fit either under the bed or under any other place where it can be easily and conveniently stored, without occupying a lot of storage space.

Packaging: This vacuum cleaner has been designed to make your life easier. For this purpose, it comes in with a variety of brushes included in its package which are the best choice to be used as per your needs. The package includes a Vacuum Cleaner, a Crevice Tool, a Dusting Brush, an Upholstery Brush, and a Removable Hand Vacuum Cleaner. The batteries are included in the package too.

Multipurpose Cleaner: The Adapt XRT from BISSELL includes a brush for every type of cleaning task that you most probably will have to come across. The Crevice Tool would greatly help you in clearing the floors and other surfaces off the dust, while the Upholstery Dusting Brush is here to take care of your sofas, curtains, and car seats.

Quality of Performance: This vacuum cleaner is a very handy one. It provides ease of comfort to its users by having the option of “Customized Suction”. This option would let you adjust the suction speed as per your requirement, and would then perform its cleaning task at that very speed. It also has the option of turning on and off the cleaning brush, so that you can easily adjust to the different surfaces within a single room.

The vacuum cleaner has a 14.4 volts Lithium battery, which provides an extended lifetime for the performance of the vacuum cleaner. This not only extends the battery life but also ensures that the performance would be the same, the best quality one throughout the working period of the vacuum cleaner.

The Adapt XRT also comes with a removable hand vacuum cleaner, which is the perfect option for sorting out quick messes, and also for performing a cleaning job off-floors. This is a helpful option for people with pets at their homes, as it could help in quickly cleaning away all the pet hair and fur in a single go.

Steerability: The Adapt XRT has an agile and portable design that enables it to be moved around easily and smoothly. The swivel steering makes it easy to be smoothly and effortlessly carried around obstacles and other heavy objects.

Best Suited For: This vacuum cleaner works across many surfaces, ranging from hardwood floorings to low pile carpets.


  • Can be fully customized according to the user’s needs, 
  • Separate brushes included for on-floor and off-floor cleaning,
  • The compact and foldable shape can be easily stored anywhere,
  • Extended battery lifetime.


  • If the dust cup is not disposed of all the dust properly, then it might clog the metal mesh filter,
  • Even though the battery life is extended, the vacuum cleaner may take up to 9 hours of charging time. 

Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Self-Charging, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa – iRobot

A sleek and stylish, modern-day styled automatic vacuum cleaner, the Roomba 690 is here to automatically take care of all your needs. This robotic vacuum cleaner is going to take care of all your needs using its intelligent sensors. This is the perfect example of technology packed in a vacuum cleaner.

Product Weight:

This smart vacuum cleaner weighs around 8 pounds.

Available Colors:

It is available in a standard shade of glossy black color.

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: This smart vacuum cleaner is indeed a very compact device. It can easily fit anywhere where you want it to rest and would take up the minimal amount of space like it is barely there.

Packaging: This portable vacuum cleaner comes along with a couple of accessories that are included in the package. Its package includes a Home-based Charging Station, a Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier, an Extra Filter, and a Flat Cleaning Tool. Other than these accessories, this vacuum cleaner is Wi-Fi compatible and can obey Alexa’s instructions too.

Multipurpose Cleaner: The Roomba 690 performs a 3-way cleaning job. It first “Loosens” the dirt and debris, then “Lifts” up the collected dust, and then finally “Suction” it inside of itself. It is indeed a perfect choice for all types of messes, and no matter how tough the stains are, its modern technology would make sure that none of the dust is left unattended. It perfectly picks up dirt and dust particles of all sizes.

Quality of Performance: As soon as you have made the purchase, you first need to install the iRobot Home App. This App would enable you to schedule the cleaning duty of the Roomba, along with allowing you to customize its cleaning duties. In this way, you would be able to get the Roomba 690 going on its job from anywhere with just a simple click on your phones. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and would listen to their commands as well.

The Roomba 690 has patented Dirt Detection Sensors which help the iRobot in detecting the high-traffic, busy and concentrated areas of your home, and then subsequently works to eliminate dust and dirt from those particular areas. It is the best vacuum for pet owners as through this technique, it would undoubtedly take care of all the hidden and visible pet hair, fur, and litter.

It also has a Dual Mode Virtual Wall, which functions as a support for the vacuum cleaner as it performs its cleaning job. 

It automatically docks and charges itself, and has a running time of up to 90 minutes once after it is fully charged.

It is equipped with an auto-adjust Cleaning Head which adjusts itself according to the height of the surface it is placed on so that its brushes can effectively clean that surface.

Steerability: The vacuum cleaner has intelligent sensors that sense the obstacles and furniture it is heading towards, and so, avoids those areas. It gets used to its path after some time, and so, it won’t be a problem again and again to reset it. You may simply carry on with your other tasks as the Roomba 690 takes care of the cleaning duties.

Best Suited For: This vacuum cleaner works best on a wide variety of different surfaces, ranging from hardwood floorings to carpeted areas. Its sensors help it to adjust according to the height of the particular surface it is placed on, to ensure a perfect cleaning job.


  • It is automatic works by itself, and follows commands,
  • Has intelligent sensors that detect dirt and dust and works diligently to eliminate it,
  • Detects the surface and work according to its height,
  • Commanding it to start cleaning can be given from anywhere, it does not require assistance at any level, 
  • It automatically charges itself and has an extended lifetime.


  • Often scratches and engraves its shape on hardwood floors,
  • Does not reliably clean the stairs,
  • Drags along a cloth or any other lightweight fabric object along with it, instead of ignoring it. 

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18 KPa Super Suction Pet Hair Eraser Cordless 4 in 1 – NEQUARE

Said to be the “most powerful suction vacuum cleaner”, this variant from the NEQUARE manufacturers looks sturdy in build, simple in design, and full of the best features that would help in eliminating all dust and dirt from our homes.

Product Weight:

The NESQUARE vacuum cleaner weighs around 3 pounds, which makes it an extremely lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Available Colors:

It is available in a royal shade of blue.

Key Features of the Product:

Compactness: The NESQUARE vacuum cleaner is an extremely convenient device to have around in your home spaces. It is so compact and easy to carry around that it would be barely noticeable in the house. It can be conveniently stored with its “Drop-In” Docking, which also provides the option for additional attachments apart from charging.

Packaging: This vacuum cleaner comes in as a complete package. The package includes a full-size, multitasker LED Power Brush, a Crevice Nozzle, a 2-in-1 Dusting Brush, a Hard Bristle Roller, a Charging Base, and a Storehouse. With all these components combined, you are going to have a great time in effortlessly cleaning your house.

Multipurpose Cleaner: The vacuum cleaner is equipped with multiple varieties of brushes that are given to provide you with an error-free and amazing cleaning performance both on floors, and on the ceilings.

Quality of Performance: This NESQUARE vacuum cleaner is equipped with a very powerful suction system. It is up to the user if they want to utilize this setting or not. There are two modes of using this, in the “Normal” mode, or in the “Max” mode, where it can perform with a suction power of up to 18 KPa, which is considerably a lot. This is 5 times more powerful suctioning speed than the ordinary vacuum cleaner and is enough to dislodge the embedded dust and debris, pet hair and feathers, and normal human hair too.

As it is a cordless vacuum cleaner, it can easily be used to clean off the car seats and staircases too.

The vacuum cleaner has a powerful Lithium battery that provides an extended lifetime for its uninterrupted cleaning performance.

The vacuum also comes in with a simple to use “Collection Bin”, which makes disposing of the dirt easier than ever. There would be no need of coming in contact with the dirt, as it would be hygienically taken care of. 

It has full-sized LED lights that would help the vacuum in tracking down those dust and dirt particles that it is otherwise unable to detect or reach.

For carpeted floors, the bristle brush is supposed to be used. But even then too, hair might get entangled in the brush. A simple cut of the scissors would help to get rid of that entangled hair. This makes it the best vacuum for long pet hair, as now, they would be disposed of properly.

Steerability: The NESQUARE vacuum cleaner is extremely easy and convenient to be steered around. It is extremely lightweight, which is a plus point for maneuvering it through the stairs, and on the car seats too.

Filtration System: The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a detachable and washable filter system. The entire filtration system is 4-layered, and consists of the following filters: HEPA, Cyclonic Separator System, Hygienic HEPA filter, and the Large Dust Cup. With this amount of layered filtration provided, your experience of cleaning with this vacuum cleaner is indeed going to be a great and satisfied one. 

Best Suited For: The vacuum cleaner can be easily used over a variety of different surfaces, which include hardwood floors, carpeted floors, tiled areas, curtains, car seats, etc.


  • Affordable, compact and complete in packaging,
  • Makes the least amount of noise,
  • It has a very powerful suction system, 
  • It has a 4-way filtration system,
  • Hygienic disposal of the wastes afterward. 


  • The maximum suction power can prove to be insufficient for thick carpets and rugs, 
  • Might get clogged sooner than expected. 

Final Note

Finally, you have made it to the end of the journey for finding the best vacuum for pet hair under 150 bucks. Kudos for that. In conclusion, the above-mentioned vacuum cleaners are some of the best, affordable options that are specifically designed while keeping pet owners like you in mind. There is no need to go into an in-depth analysis of all the vacuum cleaners in the markets to opt for a suitable one. This might only make you even more confused and clueless.

Since your choice here, in particular, is limited to vacuum cleaners designed for pet owners, then it is better to explore all the best ones in this niche only. We have mentioned some of the very affordable options like the Hikeren Stick Vacuum Cleaner out there that are sure to make your investment count for a long time.

Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of these pet hair and feathers that were otherwise becoming a problematic source of allergies and irritation for you, these vacuum cleaners are here to take care of your worries, and would, for sure, work extremely smoothly for a long time. Happy shopping!