Everyone dreams of building their dream houses one day. They have almost every other little detail planned in their minds already. Details related to how the exterior is going to be like, how the interior would be designed, what color scheme would go best with the house, and what furniture you would finally be able to decorate your own house with. And since a house is built with so many love-filled warm feelings, you would want everything to turn out as perfectly as you have planned it in your mind.
All the rooms, all the selected pieces of furniture, everything that you have planned in mind needs to be perfectly built and designed if you want to achieve the best possible real image of the picture in your imagination! 

Over the years, you might have heard a lot of people say that “Kitchen is the heart of the house”. I think they rightfully say so.
A kitchen is that part of the house where you begin, and end your day with. And if you belong to a very busy family, where all the family members don’t get a chance to meet the entire day, they somehow end up together, catching up for the missed time in the kitchen, over a meal, or during cooking that meal up, or just unexpectedly, out of the blue.

Kitchens are important in the sense that they are the centers for cooking up your meals for the day, and also because this is the place where you get to be as creative as you can, with both your cooking and your aesthetic sense of designing.

Coming to the kitchen sink area, the faucets have an importance of their own in the entire kitchen. They are approached by almost everyone, countless times, throughout the day, be it for washing, for taking a drink, for rinsing or scrubbing off dirty plates, filling water, and whatnot. They indeed make up an integrable support system for the entire kitchen, and they most definitely need your attention too. 

So, needless to say, with the right kind of decision for installing the right kind of kitchen faucet in your kitchen, you will not only be doing a favor to your kitchen, by making it look aesthetically pleasing, but to yourself, and your family members too! Apart from selecting the right kind of faucet best suited to your needs, the added touch of elegance to the kitchen with the brilliant new designs of the faucets that we see nowadays, an aesthetically pleasing environment is automatically created within the kitchen.

Why Should I Buy a Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet?

When you go to the market or even start researching online about the different kinds of faucets, you are likely to come across countless results, numerous types, and features that are each bigger and better than the previous ones, and almost all of them would appear to be a perfect choice for you. Amongst all of the available choices, here I would tell you why pull-down faucets are possibly convenient, and a hassle-free option for your kitchen sink, and why they should be preferred over the pull-up kitchen faucets! The decision is of course for you to decide, but hopefully, these plus points would help make your decision even easier for you! 

Here, we begin by discussing all the valid factors, reasons, and arguments that possibly make kitchen pull down faucets the best choice for your kitchen. We have also added in some simple and smart tips or hacks that are guaranteed to help you gain all the required knowledge on the technical terms that are crucial to research upon when going for buying a faucet, and also some general yet valuable instructions, that will help you with making the right kind of choice, and to make your choice for the kitchen pull-down faucet a worthy one!

1- Ease of Maneuverability: 

Thanks to the extendable spouts, you can easily maneuver the faucet spout around, and reach those places on your utensils and crockery, which might have been a little bit too unreachable for a fixed kitchen faucet to work its magic on. This extendable spout also gives you the benefit of having uncharted access to the kitchen sink, which makes washing an easy, and hassle-free task.

2- Little to no Mess:

When you are using a fixed spout, you more than often have to drag your pots and pans all the way around to get them cleaned properly. But with a spout that moves along in the same direction that you want it to, things automatically become a lot much easier, and this technique also helps in preventing unwanted spills and splashes, which otherwise make your kitchen messier. 

3- Easily Fits in Anywhere:

A pull-down kitchen faucet can fit in any setting, so if you are a style- freak kind of person, who wants everything to be perfectly put into place, installing a pull-down faucet wouldn’t be a problem for you, and it definitely wouldn’t look like something that is out of place, even if your kitchen is based off a simple, contemporary, vintage, or even a modern style.

4- Washing Made Simple:

A pull-down faucet will no doubt make things a lot easier for you. It would allow you to freely wash pots and pans, plates and crockery, in whatever way you want to, with no constraints at all. This way, you might get your dishwashing done in no time, and with full ease as well.

5- Works as a Hose:

Now, this fact is going to be quite an advantageous one for all those people out there who love detailed, deep cleansing. With the help of a pull-down faucet, you would not only be able to clean your dirty plates with ease, but would also have the liberty to spray jets of water as per your wish, because this faucet can easily work as a hose, owing to its spray head, so you can easily focus on those areas of your dirty plates that need more attention, or have more tough stains. 

6- Extendable Reach:

Owing to great lengths to which the retractable hose can be pulled out, (hence the name too), a pull-down faucet will most definitely help you in reaching far away areas of the kitchen, thus giving you full, uncharted access to the sink. Some faucets can even be pulled way out of the kitchen sink, and this would be a great way of filling in your gallons, or watering your nearby indoor plants, without having to walk all the way or work out tiresome measures to get those tasks done.

7- Conserve Water!

 Many faucets are equipped with this controllable setting where you can alternate between the flow of water, and can also stop the water flow whenever you do not need it, in the middle of scrubbing, or just whatever the reason might be. This setting is in fact, very great practice for conserving water, because nobody likes it when the water is excessively flowing for no reason, while you stand there and scrub your dirty plates. But with a pull-down faucet, you might finally be able to get over this habit of yours.

What Technical Things Should One Keep In Mind When Buying a Pull Down Kitchen Faucet?

First things first, let us convey this fact in very clear-cut words to you, that with the rapid advances in technology, the world around has been progressing at a very fast rate too. So, if you want to keep on moving with the pace of the ever-changing world, we all need to have a sound knowledge of all the things around this as well. 

The reason for stating this fact here is, that I now want to educate you on the technical “terminologies”, or rather, the technical “specifications” that you should be fully aware of while buying a brand new kitchen pull-down faucet for yourself.

This is important because not everything that glitters is gold, and so, as a first-time buyer, or even a returning buyer, you do not end up buying a product that looks extremely appealing to the eyes, but in fact, is a total failure when it comes to performing well and proving itself to be a durable option. If anything, that you should be purchasing is a product that not only looks great, but also performs great, and can positively bring a (hopefully, great!) change in your life.

So, here we made a list of all those important “features and specs” that you should consider in terms of technical terms while buying a kitchen pull down faucet: 

1) Composition/Material of the Faucet: This is important because you certainly do not want a faucet built out of materials that are not durable for a long time, and do not cater well to your needs. A good quality material would assure a great quality product as well. 

2) Included Accessories: There are many brands out there which include accessories like a side sprayer, a soap dish or dispenser, and a deck plate, as an extra value-added product inside their packages, which is indeed a good thing, so if you are on the lookout for such a faucet, that comes in with accessories attached, you are surely going to find many in the crowd to choose from. 

But there are also many brands who, despite claiming to give accessories, often miss out giving some important components that are mandatorily needed for the installation setup. These essential components might include the water pipes, or the hoses, and sometimes, some other important tools too. And certainly, nobody wants that! So, you should always look for a package that has each and everything included, particularly when you are going to buy a faucet for the first time.

3) Types of Valves: You have the options to choose from different types of valve styles, including Compression, Ball, Disc, and Cartridge type of valves. Since valves serve a very important purpose in controlling the temperature and promoting the unidirectional flow of water, you should be quite careful while choosing the faucet with your preferred category of the valve. The majority of the people prefer the “Compression” type of valves, since they are a highly affordable option, and are quite a convenient option too.

4) The finish of the Faucet: For most obvious reasons, nobody would like a smart and modern styled kitchen faucet that looks totally out of place concerning your kitchen aesthetics and environment. Fortunately, the faucet manufacturing industries were aware of that, and they have released almost all of their faucets in a variety of different finishes, each of which could be a great option for different kinds of kitchen. So, you can freely choose the kitchen faucet that you like, without having to compromise on its benefits and available style. 

5) Height of the Faucet: Before opting for either a high-arched faucet or a low-arched one, you need to keep your kitchen sink in preference first. Both the height of the faucet and the depth or extent of the kitchen sink is prioritized because without keeping either of them in consideration, there is almost no use of buying a new faucet.
We are emphasizing this fact because, if you have a shallow sink, then a high-arched faucet would be a good choice. After all, with a combination of a high-arched pull-down faucet and a shallow sink, you would be inviting a load of messes and splashes now and then. Similarly, a deep sink would definitely be a not so good option for a low arched faucet, because that way, you would face problems related to the lack of space, and the dishes not adjusting under the faucet, and so on, so forth. The best way to avoid all of these troubles is to consider the shape and depth of your kitchen, and then proceed towards buying a faucet.

6) Handles in the Faucet: Sometimes people are unable to adapt to the recent changes in their appliances, and the same could happen with you as well. Some people are used to having a faucet with a single handle, as with that they could easily handle the water flow and the temperature changes. If suddenly, a double-handled faucet is installed in your kitchen, you would most definitely take time adapting to that change, and would also not like using it. So, it is also a point to be considered while buying a new kitchen faucet.

7) The Extent of the Hose Length: If you want to save your back, and avoid the troubles of having to bend over to wash your dishes and plates, then maybe this point would be of vital importance to you. 

While buying a kitchen faucet, and that too, a pull-down one, always, always keep this fact in your mind that not only the maneuverability of this type of faucet is important, but the length of the hose is important too. And the reason why I am saying so is that the length to which the hose can be pulled outwards varies from a faucet to faucet, some provide a considerable height reaching quite far away, while some provide just a little bit of distance. This all only depends on your convenience, and the right kind of decision is to be made by you only, according to your preference.

8) Types of Faucet Mounts: There are different types of mount options that kitchen faucets come with. You get to choose from a wide variety of mounts that you want your kitchen faucet to project from. You can either go for a surface mounted, a deck-mounted or even a standard, old fashioned kind of mount. This, although a little bit dependent on the type of kitchen setting you have, always depends on you at the end, to make a choice.

And now finally, to help put an end to all your problems, and to solve all your confusions regarding which faucet will suit best for your kitchen environment, which faucet will be the most suitable choice according to your needs, and which one would be just “the one” for you, we have made a list of the top ten best pull-down faucets, that would help make your decision easier.

All of these faucets are the best-rated kitchen pull-down faucets, and there is no doubt that the price for which they are being sold, is a justified one, for all the benefits and advantages that they are claiming to provide you with. 

Even at such affordable rates, these faucets will prove to be the best choice for your new kitchen, or your already existing kitchen, as a nice and pleasant change! 

So, without any delay, let us overview the features and qualities of these super affordable, the best of the best pull down faucets that are about to make your life a lot easier! 

(The pull-down faucets that are listed below are in no particular order, and there is no ranking system involved here because all of them are the best in doing what they are made to do!)

1) Delta Faucet Leland Kitchen Sink Faucet, 9178T-AR-DST

Available Colors: 

This pull-down faucet is available in 4 different colors, namely: Chrome, Venetian Bronze, Arctic Stainless, and Spot Shield Stainless.

Method of Installation: 

Deck mounted.

Product Weight:

It weighs around 7.4 pounds.

Number of Handles:

Single handle.

Key Features of the Product:

Manufactured by the Delta Faucets, this pull-down kitchen faucet is the perfect combination of simple, yet classical styling, and modern technology put together in one place.

Available in two different variants, the ‘standard’ and the ‘Touch20’, this faucet comes in with an easy installation set up and requires either 1 or 3 holes, (each of 8-inches), the latter depending on your choice, that is, if you want to get the accessory deck plate included in the package to be installed too. All the components are included in the package, so there is no need of buying anything separately.

Once installed, the Delta pull-down faucet claims to have a life span which is twice that of the normal industry standards, which indeed is a piece of good news.

It has been patented with the “Diamond Seal” technology, which makes sure that the faucet works normally, has no leakage incidents, and there is no chance of any kind of leakage or dripping to occur in the first place.
To solve all your complaints regarding the toughest and the dirtiest of stains, this kitchen faucet has been equipped with a “Shield Spray Technology. This is, in fact, a technology that causes a powerful, accelerated stream of water to flow out from the water spray head, but in a restricted way, to minimize the expected splashes. A protective sphere controls this powerful jet of water, and so splashes and splutters are kept to a minimum level.
The “Touch20” variant of the Delta faucet is, on the other hand, a tech-savvy invention from these manufacturers. As per its tagline, it “keeps your kitchen faucet squeaky clean, even if your fingers, or hands aren’t”,

In this variant, you can start or stop the water flow by simply touching the spout of the faucet with your forearm or your wrist, if you do not want to stain the handles, or anywhere on the faucet, with your unclean fingers. This very fact would indeed be of great relief for all the clean freak mothers, and family members, who cannot tolerate even a speck of dirt or lint on their furniture.

Moreover, it also has this unique feature called the “Temp Sense” feature, which is an LED light, the light of which changes color based on the temperature of the water. So, no need to worry over getting your hands burned from the hot water, anymore, because now you can easily get to know of the water temperature, without actually getting to feel it!

This faucet also has a magnetic docking system, called as the “Magna Tite Docking” system, which is the equipment of a powerful magnet installed in the sprayer head, which helps in keeping the water sprayer head intact in its place, and prevents it from getting loose, or drooping over time, as we usually notice with our usual faucets, after a year or two.
The sprayer has two types of water flow settings enabled in it: the spray flow, and the stream type flow, both of which could be adjusted according to your need.

It is manufactured using the finest of materials, including a diamond embedded ceramic disc, which needs no kind of lubrication and keeps the area water-free. 

In case of facing any kind of troubles or problems, you can easily get replaced with the worn out, or defected parts.

Why Should I Buy This? (Pros)

  • Based on smart technology
  • A modern faucet, that goes well with every kitchen setting,
  • Temperature Sensitivity Indicator included, 
  • Powerful yet shielded water flow,
  • Dual spray settings available, 
  • Magnetic Docking system, which imparts durability,
  • Composed of the finest materials,
  • Touch Sensitive Technology-based.

Any Downsides Of Buying This Faucet? (Cons)

  • Assembling the assembled faucet on to the escutcheon might get a bit tricky,
  • The clip connector that connects the sprayer hose to the water outlet hose might not exactly be a strong connection, and you might need one or more extra zip ties),
  • Hose length is limited.

2) Moen 7185SRS Brantford Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Available Colors:

It is available in three different shades of chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and stainless steel (spot resist).

Method of Installation: 

Deck mounted.

Product Weight:

It weighs around 0.16 ounces.

Number of Handles:

Single handle.

Key Features of the Product: 

This kitchen faucet belongs to Moen’s “Brantford collection”, a name in the manufacturing industry for more than 80 years, and is a very handy faucet that has been designed keeping the customers’ needs and insights as the main priority.

On the first impression, it appears to be designed in a very elegantly traditional, classical manner, which is supposed to add the right kind of grace to your kitchen.

It comes with an easy installation plan, and requires just 1 or 3 holes to be installed, and also comes in with an Escutcheon included in the package.

Being built out of stainless steel, it has been designed to appear shining and spot free for a long time, so that it does not get marked by dirty fingerprints or stains which is, in fact, a really good plus point.

It has been designed under the influence of a “Power Boost” technology, which causes it to throw a powerful stream of water, which can be accelerated even more, whenever required, through a simple touch of a button. This makes performing daily tasks easier, and cleaning and scrubbing better than before. 

The spray head is designed especially for operating smoothly, moving soundly and easily without any problems, and to be docked safely and securely into its place. 

The spray wand has a “self-retracting” feature, and safely returns to its original position, once it has been used.

The spray setting could be easily changed as per the preference of the user, using a simple button located on the spray head itself.

This pull-down kitchen faucet from Moen comes in five different variants, or styles namely: Standard, Traditional, Voice Control, 1-sensor, and 2-sensor. Apart from a few differences, all of them are sturdy, and the best in doing their jobs.

The “1-sensor” variant of this kitchen faucet has been equipped with a single “Motion Sense Wave” technology, which allows you to start or stop the water from flowing, with a simple waving gesture of your hand. 

It also has the “Power Clean” feature, which claims to provide a 50% more powerful stream of water, that none of their other products do.

The “2-sensor” variant of the Moen’s kitchen faucets comes in with two
Motion Sense” sensors, which work on the same principle of starting or stopping the flow of water with simple hand movements, and this feature no doubt is a highly convenient, and thoughtful gesture from Moen’s company. 

This “2-sensor” variant is also equipped with the “Power Clean” technology.

These motion-sensing technologies are indeed a very good step towards innovation and would be of great help to avoid stains or dirt from accumulating over the faucet surface.

The “Voice Control” variant of the Moen’s kitchen faucet is the latest addition to this collection. It is in this kitchen faucet that you can get a lot of tedious tasks done with giving commands through your voice, without having to use your hands in actual. The kitchen faucet needs to be linked with your Google assistant/Alexa, and then, you may order it to dispense water/start the water/stop the water, and so on. This indeed is a very wonderful invention from the Moen’s manufacturers and will bring a great change in your life. Daily tasks would now be executed in a much simpler manner.  

Moreover, purchasing this product can never be an investment gone to waste. It will work wonders in your kitchen.

This and the added convenient features in this product indeed make it a great choice for being shortlisted as your next new kitchen faucet.

Why Should I Buy This? (Pros)

  • Smart, innovative and tech-savvy,
  • Provides extreme levels of hand free convenience,
  • Traditional style that suits best the contemporary styled kitchens,
  • 5 different, and unique variants available,
  • Flexible designs,
  • Easy Installation Plan,
  • Easily Retractable hose,
  • Variants equipped with voice control, motion sensing, and power cleaning (boosted stream) technologies,
  • Secure Docking system.

Any Downsides of Buying This Faucet? (Cons)

  • Is not suitable to perform well with hard water or well water, (causes debris to accumulate),
  • The hose pipes do not have a long lifetime.

3) Kraus KPF- 1610SS Bolden Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Available Colors: 

It is available in a variety of colors, which represent the different types of finishes it is found in, including Stainless Steel, Chrome, Brushed Gold, Matte Black & Stainless Steel mix, Spot Free Stainless Steel & Chrome mix, etc.

Method of Installation:

Deck Mounted.

Product Weight:

It weighs around 6.4 pounds.

Number of Handles:

Single Handle.

Key Features of the Product:

Kraus has been a popular name in the Kitchen industry for decades and this time too, they have come around with a very professional, and eloquently designed pull down kitchen faucet. 

This faucet is, in fact, a commercial-style faucet, that has been customized and created to serve its purpose best in homes.

For its easy and quick installation, it just needs a single hole and comes in with all the components included for the installation setup, including the water lines and the mounting hardware.
This faucet is prominently high-arched and has been built to adjust to a considerable height, reaching to about 18-inches, for fitting perfectly under kitchen cabinets, so that you do not have to compromise on buying this, because of space constraints. (However, we do recommend that to buy this, you need to have a deep sink, so that both may perfectly complement each other.)

It comes under five different types of finishes, which are quite durable and handy and have also been designed to keep the different kinds of kitchen settings people have. So here, you thankfully, would not have to worry at all about this product looking seemingly out of place, as you can easily select the one that best suits your kitchen style and setting.

It has been carefully built with a combination of eco-friendly, and lead-free materials, and these products have been thoughtfully selected to provide both environment-friendliness and the required sturdiness, alike.

The cartridge is composed of ceramic and assures to provide you a leak and drip-free service for the rest of the life of the product.

It has a dual-functioning spray setting, which allows you to easily alternate between settings of an aerated stream and a pre-rinse spray, using a button, which is yet another approach towards saving and conserving water.

The retractable hose can be pulled out to a length of about 20-inches, a considerable distance which makes maneuvering it over the crockery and utensils easier, as it gives the spray head full access over the kitchen sink.

The spout is arched at a high level and can rotate up to 180-degrees, which is yet another freely accessible plus point that this faucet provides.

So all in all, this kitchen faucet is a very brilliant product from Kraus’ manufacturers, which will indeed make your life a lot better, through all its modern solutions that will smartly resolve all of your modern day problems.

Why Should I Buy this Product? (Pros)

  • Reliable, and trustworthy manufacturers,
  • High arched faucet, best for deep sinks,
  • Commercial grade faucet,
  • Easy to clean spray nozzle,
  • Easy Installation setup,
  • Dual Spray settings,
  • 20-inches distance retractable hose,
  • 180-degrees rotatable Spout,
  • 5 different finishes to choose from
  • Composed of eco-friendly, and lead-free materials only,
  • Helps conserve water greatly.

Any Downsides of Buying This Faucet? (Cons)

  • The arm that holds the faucet’s head in place might come in the way while using, and that might be a hurdle,
  • The faucet might be high-arched, but the head hangs considerably downward, which might cause problems while washing.

4) APPASO Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Kitchen Sprayer

Available Colors: 

It is available in two different shades, Matte Black and Brushed Nickel.

Method of Installation: 


Product Weight:

It weighs around 6 pounds.

Number of Handles: 

Single handle (made up of zinc alloy).

Key Features of the Product: 

This beautiful kitchen faucet from APPASO manufacturers looks to be specially designed to exude radiance, charm, and beauty alike.
Their uniquely creative designs are 100% patented, and you won’t find a faucet like this anywhere else.

They have carefully selected two beautiful shades for their kitchen faucets, and it is needless to say, that their matte black colored faucet is a clear winner in this race, mainly because people have loved the certain uniqueness and mysterious charm surrounding it, something that black color naturally radiates. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, this one if its kind faucet color will become the highlight of your kitchen easily, and would stand out amongst everything else, as it is that eye-catching and attractive.

The design is timeless, you can use it for any kitchen, regardless of the style and setting, as it would be a perfect fit in any kind of kitchen, undoubtedly.

At such an amazingly affordable price, this pull-down faucet is indeed claiming to give the right kind of benefits.

It is made up of a unique mix of materials, the whole faucet is constructed out of solid brass, a material that imparts the strongest durability, and sturdiness, also including a very high-quality cartridge made of ceramic, a tough handle made out of zinc alloy and a coating of multi-brushed nickel, and a high temperature-resistant PEX hose. So, in case you decide to question anything related to this faucet, the material composition would speak for itself, that all the components in this faucet have been tailor-made to cater to every small need of your daily use.

It has an easy installation setup and hardly takes an hour to get installed, if done by yourself, without any outside help.

As for the spray settings, it now has 3 different kinds of spray settings, that you can choose as per your needs from Stream– a simple, trickling, water flow best suited for filling water, Spray– a strong and powerful rush of water for washing and cleansing, and a Pause setting – to stop the water from flowing if you need more time for scouring and scrubbing, and also, if you want to save water!

The spout can be rotated to 360-degrees, which is an extremely free range of motion, for making things easier for you.

The handle has precise control of temperature and smartly controls the required temperature, to provide you with a comfortable experience.

The spray nozzle is easy to clean, and just needs a simple swipe of your hand to get it cleaned completely.

With these three alternating settings, you can not only clean your dirty pots and pans but also save water alongside.

This kitchen faucet, while being constructed has been treated with a 5-layer surface treatment process, a procedure which was undertaken to make this kitchen faucet rust and corrosion free, spot and stain-free, and for preserving its anti-spot and glistening appearance for a long time.

If you are a person who loves good looks, and has a great liking for aesthetic looking items in your household, then this might be the perfect choice for you.

Why Should I Buy This? (Pros)

  • Aesthetically pleasing color,
  • A never seen before, unique shade of matte black,
  • Easy installation set up plan,
  • 360-degrees rotatable spout,
  • 3 alternating water settings: Spray, Stream, and Pause,
  • Composed of the finest quality materials,
  • Lifetime preserved glossy appearance

Any Downsides of Buying This Faucet? (Cons)

  • The setting to alternate between “Spray” and “Stream” is closely spaced, so you might end up mixing either of them if you are not being careful,
  • Deck or base plate not included.

5) Comllen Commercial High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Available Colors:

It is available in two colors, also representing their respective finish materials, namely Brushed Nickel and Brushed Gold.

Method of Installation:

Up to your choice. (Deck plate not included.)

Product Weight: 

It weighs around 5.5 pounds.

Number of Handles:

Single handle.

Key Features of the Product:

This pull-down kitchen faucet from Comllen is yet another stylish, and innovatively styled pull-down faucet.

It comes in with an easy installation plan, and leaves it up to your choice, in whatever way you want to install it. Usually, it will require just a single hole for its installation.

They do not, however, sell the base plate, or the deck plate included in this package. So, in case you want a deck-mounted faucet, you will have to purchase their relevant deck plate as a separate component.

It has two types of spray settings to choose from: a stream, and a spray. Both of them are drip-free.

The materials used for building this faucet are unmatched for providing quality. The cartridge is made up of ceramic, which prevents leakages for a long, long time, whereas the entire product has been finished off with a double layer of brushed nickel, which will resist corrosion, and would not allow your faucet to tarnish, or lose its luster too soon.

The quick connector system of the faucet makes it leak proof.

The spout is prominently highly arched and can be rotated up to 360-degrees, an extensive range of movement. 

Moreover, the pull-down spout has a swivel shaped nozzle, which can be pulled out to a distance of about 20-inches, a length that would prove to be sufficient enough for covering the entire sink, and would ease your daily tasks.

The dual-functioning ergonomic spray will prevent unwanted splashes and messes and would prove to be a great addition to your kitchen.

Why Should I Buy This? (Pros)

  • Comes with an easy installation plan,
  • Stylish and eloquent design,
  • Durable finish, which will prevent rust, tarnish and corrosion for a long time,
  • Dual functioning, smooth stream or spray type sprayer, 
  • Hose length up to 20-inches, which gives full access of the sink,
  • Leakproof, drip-free, and environment friendly.

Any Downsides of Buying This Faucet? (Cons)

  • The spray head might become loose after some time, because of no magnetic docking system (but it is not necessary).

6) Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer – OWOFAN

Available Colors: 

It is available in the following colors, which also represent its finish material: Matte Black, Brushed Nickel, and Black & Brushed Nickel.

Method of Installation: 


Product Weight:

It weighs around 4.2 pounds.

Number of Handles:

Single handle.

Key Features of the Product: 

This kitchen pull-down faucet from the manufacturers at the OWOFAN is a very portable, durable, and easy to use faucet.

It has a professional-looking design, with an industrial look spray spout, a quality that is sure to impart a sober look to your kitchen.

It has a very simple and easy installation setup and can be easily installed by you, within an hour.

No deck plates are included in the package, and most probably you wouldn’t need to buy them separately too. Apart from the deck plate, the package contains all the required materials needed for the installation process.

It usually requires 1 or 3 pre-drilled holes, so that it can get mounted up there.

It has a spout height reaching up to 16-inches, which indeed is an ideal height for perfectly fitting under any kind of kitchen cabinets with full ease.

It has been built up of the finest quality materials, including a ceramic cartridge, and a heavy-duty brass constructed faucet piece, that proves to be not only an affordable option but also a tough and sturdy one! 

The spout is designed in an industrial style and can rotate up to 360-degrees. 

Other than that, the spray head has two alternating modes of water flow enabled, namely the spray and stream settings. The water jet is powerful and would assure the proper, and rapid cleaning through its accelerated spray.

The nickel finishing on the faucet is about five layers deep, and the Nanomaterial helps in keeping the faucet spot-free and glistening for a long time. Also, the fact that the entire faucet is made out of solid brass, a material that is sure to bring toughness and durability to the kitchen faucet, for a long time. 

Why Should I Buy This? (Pros)

  • Reliable Manufacturers, 
  • Professional, and elegant design,
  • Industrial grade construction,
  • Made out of the sturdiest grade brass, 
  • Eco-friendly Materials Used,
  • Affordable, easy on the pocket option,
  • Would remain glistening and shiny for a long time, (owing to the Nickel finish),

Any Downsides of Buying This Faucet? (Cons)

  • The length of the hoses might seem to be unequal or short,
  • Might be difficult to install, if you are installing it by yourself, as assistance might be needed.

7) RULIA RB1018 Brushed Nickel, Stainless Steel Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Available Colors: 

It is available in a variety of different colors, which represent its different types of finishes as well, and include Brushed Nickel, Gold, and Gun Black.

Method of Installation:

Deck Mounted.

Product Weight:

It weighs around 6.1 pounds to be exact.

Number of Handles: 

Single Handle.

Key Features of the Product: 

Even though the Rulia manufacturers have not been in the kitchen accessories manufacturing industry for a long time, they have still managed to make their mark in this short time, thanks to their unmatched and great quality faucets.

This pull-down faucet is a high quality, and commercially designed kitchen faucet, that has been exceptionally designed to provide durability, and great performance

It could be the best choice for your kitchen sink or even a granite countertop, it would go well with either of the settings.

The design of this faucet is a refined one, and it was made so, keeping the concerns of it losing its sturdiness after a short time, as any other ordinary, low-quality faucet might do. So, special care has been taken to provide the users with a flexible kitchen faucet that not only performs unhindered functions but also does not lose any kind of its feature even after considerable usage.

The package comes in with all the components included, along with the water hoses and pipes and an optional Escutcheon included too, and nothing needs to be bought separately. It requires only 1 or 3 holes for its installation, and you can easily install this faucet in your kitchen sink on your own too, it is that easy! 

The spout is designed to rotate a full 360-degrees, and that too with full smoothness, because the exclusive refined design helps prevent the debris from accumulating in it, and preventing it from revolving freely.

The hose can be extended up to a length of 24-inches (which in fact, is the greatest length of any hose to be discussed in this buying guide, so cheers to that!). This extensive amount of length would provide you complete access to the kitchen sink and would make washing your pots, plates, bowls, fruits, and vegetables with full ease and comfort.

There are two available settings for the flow of water: a steady, and splash-free stream of water, and a powerful rinsing spray, to help with deep and detailed cleaning, along with the both of them easily changing from one setting to the other, through a simple button.

It will take you a short amount of time in the kitchen for cleaning it up, because the brushed finish will certainly prevent it from getting dirty, and will not allow it to get stained with fingerprints so easily.

Why Should I Buy This? (Pros)

  • A super affordable option,
  • Elegant and commercial grade style,
  • Refined design to provide flexibility,
  • 360-degrees rotatable spout,
  • 24 inches extendable hose length,
  • Dual functioning spray or stream options,
  • Constructed from the highest quality materials,
  • Super easy and DIY type installation setup.

Any Downsides of Buying This Faucet? (Cons)

  • Valves might malfunction if not maintained properly,
  • Hose lengths may seem to be short.

8) APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Magnetic Docking Sprayer

Available Colors: 

It is available in a single shade of stainless steel only.

Method of Installation: 

1-hole or 3-hole (with the deck plate covering included).

Product Weight:

It weighs about 6 pounds.

Number of Handles: 

Single Handle.

Key Features of the Product: 

This marvelous creation from the manufacturers at APPASO is indeed a kitchen faucet that will change your kitchen for the better.

It is available in classic stainless steel color, and the luster and shine radiating from it will give a nice, comfortable feeling to the kitchen. It will prove to be a great choice for your kitchen, irrespective of the setting. If seen from an aesthetic point of view, then the design is highly slender and stylish, and would greatly add to the glow of the kitchen.

Its uniqueness lies in the magnetic docking system that it is equipped with. This is indeed a very clever technology, in which a powerful magnet has been installed in the kitchen faucet, which helps to keep the faucet sprayer/spray stick in its place, and will NEVER let go of it or even let it become loose over time. This way, the spray wand literally “sticks” to its place when there is no need for it to be used.
It is also composed of the finest quality materials, and all of them including Nickel, Brass, HEX, etc. are ensuring enough that you will never face problems related to rusting, corroding, melting, or leakages.

The spray has 3 settings, namely: the Spray, the Stream, and the Blade Sweep. This new Blade Sweep setting is supposed to sweep water with very high pressure, to sweep away all the tough stains, or leftover food particles off the dishes.  

Apart from its overall elegant and beautiful look, this is a very highly recommended faucet, and for this price, it is doing a lot. So, with having this kitchen faucet in your kitchen, you would not only be bringing a tech-savvy innovation that performs greatly, but would also be adding greatly to the beauty, décor, and elegance of the kitchen.

Why Should I Buy This? (Pros)

  • Sleek and stylishly designed,
  • An economical option for a tech-savvy product,
  • Aesthetically pleasing in appearance,
  • Equipped with a powerful magnetic docking system,
  • 3 settings of sprayer available: Spray, Stream and Blade Sweep,
  • Constructed from the finest, and strongest of all materials,

Any Downsides of Buying This Faucet? (Cons)

  • Seems to be on the pricier side,
  • It needs strict maintenance and daily cleaning to protect it from rust and the collecting debris. 

9) Kraus Oletto Kitchen Faucet: KPF- 2620SFS

Available Colors: 

It is available in the following colors, which also depict its finishing material, and are: Brushed Bronze, Chrome, Spot Free Stainless Steel.

Method of Installation:

Deck Mounted.

Product Weight:

It weighs around 5 pounds.

Number of Handles:

Single Handle.

Key Features of the Product: 

Yet another smart invention from the Kraus manufacturers, this kitchen faucet is what we can call a “simple design with a modern touch” to it. 

Just like all its other products, this kitchen pull-down faucet is brushed with bronze, which makes it a relatively stain-free, and spot-free faucet, and lessens your cleaning work.

The manufacturers at Kraus claim that this product of theirs requires minimal maintenance, so it would be a good option for the busy people out there, who hardly find time for maintaining and taking care of things now and then.

It has an easy installation set up and comes in with all the components required, including the water hoses.

It also comes in a bundle package, where you can get to purchase this faucet along with a soap dispenser, so it is really up to, to decide if you want the faucet alone, or with the accessory included (cost is a little bit more expensive for the bundle).

The classic streamlined design just adds to the elegance of the product, whereas the lead-free materials used to add up to the eco-friendliness, and the long-lasting durability of this kitchen faucet, which makes it a complete package.

It has a dual-functioning water sprayer, which you can easily change from a stream of water to a spray, as per your requirements.

This sprayer connects instantaneously with the faucet, through the “Quick Connect” technology. And then similarly, it gets docked into its place securely after use and does not droop over. 

The rubber nozzle of the spray head is easy to clean and is just cleanable by the swipe of your finger. 

The retractable hose can be dragged out to up to 14-inches, and a swivel adapter will allow you to enjoy an extended range of motion, as per your needs, so you can freely pivot around, flex it, or easily access the entire kitchen’s length through it.

Kraus indeed has a reputable name in manufacturing high and great quality products, so I don’t think that this is something that you should be missing, while selecting your Top 3 picks at the very least! 

Why Should I Buy This? (Pros)

  • Simple, but stylish appearing faucet,
  • Easy and quick installation setup,
  • Guaranteed to stay stain-free, and spot free for a long time,
  • Minimal maintenance work required, 
  • Composed of finest, lead-free materials,
  • Eco-friendly, and safe for drinking water,
  • Dual functioning spray or stream sprayer settings,
  • Easy to clean,
  • A retractable hose can be dragged up to a distance of 14-inches.

Any Downsides of Buying This Faucet?(Cons)

  • Limited extent to which the hose could be drawn,
  • The spray settings button may become loose if not carefully used.

10) Moen 7864ORB Pull Down Kitchen Faucet 

Available Colors: 

It is available in 5 different colors, depicting its different variety of finishes as well, and includes Black Stainless, Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black, and Spot Free Stainless.

Method of Installation:

Surface Mounted.

Product Weight: 

It weighs around 4.4 pounds.

Number of Handles:

Single Handle.

Key Features of the Product:

This miraculous invention from Moen’s manufacturers is a very brilliant, and a very technology-oriented kitchen faucet. 

It comes in 5 different finishes, each of which is excellent at doing their respective jobs.

These faucets come in 3 different variants, each of which is respectively available in five different colors. 

Their different colors have been carefully selected to give off classical, antique vibes, and radiate a warmth that helps make your kitchen a more homely, comfortable place.

These faucets are overall very smart and have been designed in such a way that they have full control over precise measurements. These measurements include dispensing the required amount of water, be it 1 tablespoon, 2 glasses, or even 10 gallons, and that too, at the required temperature, be it lukewarm, cold, or hot. The customizable set of settings would make doing your chores an easy, quick task, and would ultimately require, little to no efforts from your side too.

Right on top of the head of the faucet, towards the arch, is a sensor placed, called the “Motion Sense Wave”, it is this sensor which will allow you to start or stop the faucet, with just a simple motion of your hand, and without actually having to touch the faucet, especially when your hands are dirty.

The three different variants of the Moen’s faucets in this collection include Standard, 1-Sensor, and the Voice Control variant. Each of these variants is unique in their way owing to particular specifications involved, but the perfection and quality in each one of them remain unmatched to date. 

The “Voice Control” variant is a one of its kind of kitchen faucet, where you would be able to customize your Google assistant or Alexa, to carry out specific tasks for you. You can even personalize your daily tasks, like filling up the baby’s bottle or filling in half of the jug with water. Whatever you say, would be duly executed by this smart faucet.

Each of these faucets has been equipped with the “Power Boost” technology, a feature that allows you to accelerate the speed of water flow, and allow you to wash dishes, and scrub them with an, even more, boosted-up water flow. This is indeed a great way of saving time.

Apart from this, the other features are great too. The faucet has a smart retractable reflex system, which will ensure a smooth experience, and an overall hassle-free movement of the hose, and a securely attached docking system. 

The installation criterion is quite an easy one too, and would just require 1 or 3 holes, rest of the components are all included in the package, including the Escutcheon, and the deck plate. You just need to have a wireless internet connection, a Google/Alexa Smart Speaker App, and, a smartphone, to get benefited with all the advantageous features that this miraculous faucet is bringing along your way.

It has a lifetime guarantee, so you do not need to worry when coming across any technical problems, or defective parts.

Why Should I Buy This? (Pros)

  • Smart, highly technology-oriented faucet,
  • Has the option of personalizing it according to your usage,
  • Pre settings could be made as per your daily need,
  • Smartphone friendly, and adaptive with Google Assistant and Alexa,
  • Motion Sense Wave technology, allows faucet to be controlled through hand gestures and motions,
  • Smart voice control technology-enabled,
  • Powerful boost technology for a power-packed, and an accelerated stream of water,
  • Smooth and easily retractable hose.

Any Downsides of Buying This Faucet? (Cons)

  • Children and older adults might find it difficult to use,
  • Is quite an expensive option.

And this was about it! Since here we have centered our attention towards pull down kitchen faucets only, therefore, we thought of giving you some very handy, and important tips to keep in mind (apart from the technical specifications) for when you start planning to buy a kitchen faucet, so that you know what you are looking for, and so you end up picking only the very best kitchen pull down faucets:

1) How Many Handles Would Be Perfect For You?

Many people prefer using a faucet that comes in with a single handle, just because it is an easier, and handier option for them. The advantage that double-handled faucets have over the single-handled ones is that they have two separate handles, each of which have been designed to control both the hot and cold temperatures of water individually, whereas, in a single-handle faucet, you would have to move the handle upwards, or downwards to alternate between the two temperatures. So, it is totally up to your choice if you want a faucet with a single handle or a double one. But now we are also seeing a wide range of kitchen faucets that, irrespective of the number of handles, are touch-friendly, and motion friendly. This might be the evolution of kitchen faucets, as you might not need to use a handle at all, but would simply require a simple motion, or touch to get the faucet to do its job.

2) Are both your shortlisted faucet and your kitchen sink compatible with each other?

To buy a new faucet, you also need to reflect on the type of sink that you already have in your kitchen, or the type of sink, that you are planning to install in your kitchen.

This is important to decide because in case you have a shallow sink or a sink with a slight depth only, and you plan to buy a pull-down kitchen faucet, then spills and splashes would become a common occurrence in your kitchen.
If you want to install a pull-down kitchen faucet, you need to have a sink which is deep, or at least has a medium depth, because, with a pull-down kitchen faucet, you not only need to avoid the splashes but also need a considerable amount of space to accommodate the extendable spout of the faucet.

3) Have you chosen your aesthetics carefully?

Since this purchase is going to be a long time investment, therefore you also need to make sure that whatever product you buy, aesthetically suits with the rest of your kitchen setting, and overall environment, and does not appear to be an out of place item.

For example, if you end up buying a very fancy kitchen faucet for your contemporary style kitchen, not only would it seem to be a mismatch, but it would also appear to give the “Odd One Out” feeling.

Instead of that, if you buy a simply designed faucet, it would go well with your classic style kitchen, and a slightly more vibrant, and more designed faucet would go well with a kitchen of contemporary style. So, either way, it is your call to decide which faucet would best suit your kitchen setting.

4) How many numbers of holes for installation are you okay with?

A very important factor to be kept in mind is the number of holes that you already have in your kitchen, or plan to get drilled, for installing a particular kind of faucet. A single hole is usually preferred for all the faucets that come in with a single handle, and are usually simplicity-based products. But as we go towards the fancier looking designs, they keep on adding accessory products along with the faucet, such as the soap dispenser, a side sprayer, and other handy looking products. To accommodate all these accessories, you need extra holes too. 

So, this also depends on you. If you are looking for a simple, compact option, or do not have much space, you can safely go for the single holed faucet option. If not, then a fancier option is always there! 

5) Have you researched the guarantees and warranties too?

Okay, so this might be the most important of all factors out there. On average, a pull-down kitchen faucet is said to have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. But obviously, things matter from user to user, and in such a case, you would always want to own such a product that guarantees you that whatever loss or defective part you will come across, would be taken care of, by the company itself. And for this, you need to research and evaluate for yourself properly whether the faucet that you are going to buy will provide you with a replacement guarantee for a considerable amount of time, and if not that, would it give you the chance to get the particular defected part changed or replaced for a limited period? The fact why this point is being emphasized here is that a kitchen faucet is supposed to be a one-time investment, and after so much of homework and research over it, you certainly do not deserve to get a product that if, gets damaged, or defected, is not backed off by any sort of guarantee and warranty.

These were just a few of the many small tips and tricks that we often tend to forget while buying not only faucets but almost every other thing. 

Bottom Line: The Final Conclusion

So, this was an attempt at providing a very comprehensive, and user-friendly buying guide to the customers who are on the lookout for a great quality kitchen faucet.

These kitchen faucets were carefully selected not only to be the best at claiming to do their jobs but also proving through their performance that they are indeed the best of all faucets available in the markets nowadays.

It is safe to say that these kitchen faucets can be, will full assurance termed as the “Top 10 best kitchen pull down faucets”. All of them come from reliable and trustworthy manufacturing companies, who have been in business from quite a long time ago, and so could be easily trusted for providing us with the best quality products only. All the kitchen faucets from these brands are unbeatable when it comes to performing well, and it would be unfair to say that all the new variants that they release are even better than the previous ones.
In case you are a consumer who is buying a new house or is getting their own house renovated or furnished, then I suggest that you carefully read through this guide. It will not only tell you which faucets are the best and are trending currently in the markets nowadays but will take you on a detailed journey about all the know-hows of buying a kitchen faucet. We have centered this guide around the best kitchen “pull-down” faucets only because we think that in today’s world, they are indeed a smart and reliable option, and also because everyone looks out for clever shortcuts that make one’s life easier. The pull-down kitchen faucets are our priority in this guide because we think that they are an easy to use option, require minimal maintenance work through their entire lifetime, are easy to install and that they can safely be assumed to be DIY projects, and are quite reasonably priced too. They will make their importance known by themselves, as they are a highly convenient product that has been improvising and making everyone’s life better!

These kitchen pull down faucets are bent to make your life change for the better, and will save you the troubles of having to bend all over the sink to do your washing, scrubbing or filling jobs, because now all that you would have to do is simply drag the spray head, move it along as you wash, instead of yourself moving here and there to get your job done. And not only this, you would be finally able to change the way the water flows out of the faucet in just the right way that you want it to be. If you want a fast, jetting water spray, then you will select the “Spray Option”, once you are done with your job, and now need a slower, relaxed, flowing stream of water, you will alternate to the “Stream” option, and all of that on your fingertips – by simply clicking on a button! They would also help you get rid of the laziness that makes you keep on piling up the dishes for washing at a later time because their interactive and user-friendly designs and interfaces will motivate you in just the right way to get done with your job as early as possible.
We have also reviewed some of the faucets that aside from being pull-down faucets, are equipped with the latest technology trends, to make your experience of buying them a very enthralling, and awesome one. These latest kitchens pull-down faucets, that are enriched the technology trends will prove to be a turning point in the history of kitchens, as they would finally enable the user to detect the hotness or coldness of the water temperature from far away, talking about the LeLand Kitchen Faucet by the Delta manufacturers here, will allow the user to command simple tasks to be carried out by simply listening to their voice, or by listening to the pre-set personalized settings of the Google Assistant, or Alexa, referring to the Moen’s 7864 ORB and the Moen’s 7185SRS pull-down faucets, which have just recently released their new variants equipped with this technology. These faucets might be the perfect choice for people who have handicapped, or old aged people in their homes, for, through this voice control technology, they might be able to get their tasks on their own, and without having to feel out of place, because of their inability to perform daily tasks.

However, if you are more of an aesthetic, artistic type of person, who loves playing around with things in their home, and similarly, want this signature style of yours to be reflected in the kitchen as well, then the Comllen Brushed Nickel pull down faucet, or the APPASO pull down kitchen faucet might just be the perfect kind of choice for you. Another easy to use, and low maintenance option to select might be the Kraus Oletto kitchen faucet, which is the best choice for busy people, stay out of their homes mostly, and have no time to tend and look after their things too often. To cut it short, all the above-reviewed faucets are better and appropriate for usage in every kind of household. 

A great quality kitchen faucet is the one that is not only elegantly designed, and beautiful in the looks, but rather is unmatched when it comes to performing well, is durable enough to guarantee you a trouble-free experience for a long time, and is thoughtfully designed from the finest of all materials to provide a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly experience. And surprisingly, all of the faucets that we have reviewed above perfectly fit under all of these categories. They are beautifully designed, they are tough, they are durable and they are guaranteed to provide you with the best of all experiences.

And not only did we review these faucets only, but we also debated as to why they could be the best choice for you. You can easily compare these faucets, either the ones present in this list, or a one that you found while randomly searching, and are now confused on which one to select, only to end up choosing the one that you think is the right choice for you, both performances, and looks-wise.